Rewriting competition

Congratulations to Dehlia, who won the rewriting competition with her own version of Pinocchio!


   Once upon a time, there was a man called Gepetto. This man was an engineer in robotic but he just lost his job and didn’t have a lot of money left. On top of that he was also very lonely, he had no wife and no child. One day, tired of being lonely he decided to create, with the pieces he could find, a robot that was like a normal person except for his appearence, he had the features of a human but, we could see that he wasn’t real, he was more like a doll. Gepetto decided to call him Pinocchio.

Pinocchio was a smart young boy and, like other kids his age, he went to school. One day, when he was going to school two men who figured that he wasn’t human approached him and proposed him to gain money easily. Pinocchio, knowing the difficulties of his creator to make money decided to accept the offer. All he had to do was doing a street show but what he did not know is that the show was just a distraction to allow the two men to steal people’s money. At the end of his perfomance Pinocchio collected the money the people gave him and went home. Once there, he gave the money to his creator but the engineer asked how he got it. Pinocchio did not want him to know that he skipped school and told him a big lie and his nose starting to glow red. The engineer said that he did set this option in case pinocchio would lie. So the little robot told the truth and Gepetto said to never skipped school again.

The day after, pinocchio was going back home from school and those men came again, told him they had a new job for him that would make more money then last time and Pinocchio wanted to help his father so he agreed without hesitation.

When the night came the two robbers took pinocchio to a jewelry store, and ordered him to go inside and deactivated the alarm. But pinocchio didn’t want to steel anything and told them that he would not do it. The robot ended up being forced to do it because the robbers were threatening him to put him in pieces.

Pinocchio entered the store by a tiny window that only him could fit in but instead of deactivated the alarm he activated it and ran away. The alarm called the police and the two robbers got arrested.

Pinocchio went home running but his creator wasn’t here. Worried about Pinocchio not coming back home after school Gepetto went to search for him.

He went in the streets to search Pinocchio but infortunately he fell into a manhole causing him to hurt his head and faint making it impossibe for him to ask for help. But by chance Pinocchio could find the phone of Gepetto thanks to the localisation system and rescued him.

Weeks after, people from the company Gepetto used to work to found out that Pinocchio existed and thought that the creation was wonderful. So they gave back Gepetto’s job and with the money he made he did a modification on Pinocchio appearance making him look like a real human boy.